On Aluminum

THE BOEING EMPLOYEES BICYCLE CLUB invited me to speak at their annual banquet sometime back in the mid 1980's. I brought an example of my work and took questions about it. It got around to the burning question of the day. "What did I think about these new aluminum frames? Well of course I went off on aluminum frames stating that they would prove uncomfortable to ride and would likely have a shorter lifespan than the current steel frames being produced.I said aluminum frames would eventually be seen as unacceptable to the enthusiast riders. The give and take got a little lively and then the club President took the podium. He said to enjoyment of us all "it's a good thing the Boeing Company doesn't share Mr Davidson's views on aluminum". We all got a good laugh and then settled down to dinner. I have been waiting now for the invite to speak about WHAT I THINK ABOUT CARBON FIBER FOR BICYCLE FRAMES.  but I'm not holding my breath. 

Kelly Nowels